Completion 31-Mar-2022

White City Phase 3

Completion 30-Nov-2020

Hatcham Road

Completion 31-Dec-2021

Westfield Cherry Park, Stratford

Completion 30-Apr-2020

Belvedere Police Station

Completion 31-Dec-2020

Halo, Bristol

Completion 30-Apr-2020

110-114 Norman Road, Greenwich

Completion 30-Apr-2020

223-229 Lewisham High Street, London

Completion 31-Aug-2020

Ziggurat, St Albans

Completion 31-Jan-2020

Copeland Road, Peckham

Completion 31-May-2020

Centenary Quay Phase 4B, Southampton

Completion 31-Jul-2020

Walton Court, Station Avenue

Completion 30-Apr-2020

Longcross (Phase 2), Chertsey

Completion 18-Apr-2022

Green Park Village, Phase 6, Reading

Completion 29-Feb-2020

Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath

Completion 30-Nov-2020

Britannia Leisure Centre, Hackney

Completion 5-Mar-2020

Snow Hill Wharf, Birmingham

Completion 31-May-2020

9 Millbank, London

Completion 14-Nov-2019

Centenary Quay Phase 5, Southampton

Completion 31-Oct-2019

Old Vinyl Factory, Hayes

Completion 31-Aug-2019


Completion 31-Jul-2019

Nightingale Lane

Completion 1-Nov-2019

Wapping Wharf

Completion 31-May-2021

Farnham Town Centre

Completion 30-Apr-2020

Campbell Park, Milton Keynes

Completion 8-Nov-2018

Cairo New Road, Croydon

Completion 31-Jul-2019

The Mather Building, Redhill

Completion 30-Nov-2019


Completion 31-Dec-2019

Essex Brewery, Walthamstow

Completion 14-Feb-2020

West End Gate - Superstructure

Completion 10-Sep-2018

West End Gate, Paddington

Completion 3-Mar-2018

The Reach, London

Completion 31-Jan-2020

White City - Enabling Works

Completion 9-Sep-2018

White City Development

Completion 17-Oct-2018

Prince of Wales Drive, Battersea

Completion 31-Oct-2019

Fairfield Park, Stotfold

Completion 14-Sep-2017

Finzels Reach, George's Wharf, Bristol

Completion 27-Jul-2017

87-89 Loampit Vale, Lewisham

Completion 11-Feb-2018

119 Farringdon Road, London

Completion 30-Sep-2019

1201 High Road, Whetstone, London

Completion 31-Jul-2019

Blocks F2&H Fulham Reach, London

Completion 8-Mar-2018

Kilnwood Vale, Crawley Road, Faygate

Completion 25-May-2017

240 & 252 Camberwell Road, London

Completion 31-Jul-2019

Rifle Street, Poplar, London

Completion 7-Oct-2018

Bath B5, Midland Road, Bath

Completion 22-Jun-2017

Centenary Quay Phase 4, Southampton

Completion 18-Aug-2016

3 Lennard Road, Croydon

Completion 23-Nov-2017

Goodmans Fields SE Block

Completion 18-May-2017

Brixton Civic Centre, London

Completion 13-May-2018

Park Central Zone 11, Birmingham

Completion 24-Aug-2017

Area J Millbrook Park, London

Completion 31-May-2017

Artisan, Lyon Close, Hove

Completion 2-Sep-2018

East Village, Stratford

Completion 7-Feb-2017

Blocks D&E Ickenham

Completion 14-Oct-2018

27-45 Ifield Road, Crawley

Completion 30-Mar-2017

Dylon House, Sydenham

Completion 31-Jul-2019

Dunton Fields, Phase 1, 2 & 3

Completion 26-Jan-2017

New Regeneration of Bracknell Town Centre

Completion 1-May-2016

Paintworks, Bath Road

Completion 13-May-2018

Bessant Drive, Kew

Completion 3-Oct-2016


Completion 27-Oct-2016

Brandon House, London

Completion 3-Apr-2017

1-19 Valentines Place

Completion 17-Mar-2016

Station View, Guildford

Completion 1-May-2015

Penarth Heights, Phase 3

Completion 1-Jun-2015

Helenslea Avenue, Golders Green

Completion 11-Nov-2014

Christopher House, Station Road

Completion 2-Aug-2015

Tileman House, 131-133 Upper Richmond Road

Completion 18-Jan-2016

Goodman's Fields NE Block, Gowers Walk

Completion 1-Jul-2014

Chelsea FC - Moat Infill

Completion 1-Aug-2014

BP Sunbury, Building E

Completion 19-Jun-2014

181-207 Tooting High Street, London, SW17

Completion 1-Sep-2014

Ringers Road, Bromley

Completion 18-Jan-2016

Capitol Way, Colindale

Completion 1-May-2014

Spring Mews, Glasshouse Walk

Completion 1-Dec-2016

West Hendon Phase 3, Cool Oak Lane

Completion 23-Jul-2015

Centenary Quay, Victoria Road, Woolston

Completion 30-Jan-2014

Mayflower Halls, Southampton

Completion 13-Aug-2015

Lymington Shores, Bridge Road

Completion 13-Jun-2013

Shree Temple, Kingsbury

Completion 10-Apr-2014

Radius, 3-4 Osiers Road

Completion 17-Dec-2015

New South Quarter, Purley Way

Completion 8-Apr-2015

Bristol Harbourside, Building 4

Completion 19-Jun-2014

Phase 13, Park Central

Completion 16-May-2013

London School of Economics

Completion 9-Feb-2012

Greenwich University Architectural Library

Completion 7-Mar-2013

College Street, Southampton

Completion 17-Dec-2015

Barking Riverside Stage 1

Completion 16-Oct-2008

Customer Service Centre, Hackney

Completion 4-Apr-2012

Siemens - Urban Sustainability Centre

Completion 5-Jan-2012

Velodrome, Olympic Park

Completion 8-Jun-2017

Sterling Green, Green Lane