Dedicated Safety Manager

FDL have a dedicated Safety Manager to take care of the day-to-day needs of the business. Assisting our Safety Manager, are our external safety consultants ‘Merebrook’, who carry out independent reviews on a weekly or fortnightly basis, dependent on the programme demands.

The Safety Manager will visit the sites on a regular basis, discussing new legislation and its effects on the works with the site team. Company policies and procedures are also disseminated via safety alerts, site memos and toolbox talks, so that the sites are always in touch and up to date.


Safety Statistics (Last 6 Years)

Safety Statistics for the Last 5 Years Graph


AIR = Accident Incidence Rate This is the calculation used by HSE. This formula makes no allowances for variations in part-time employment or overtime. It is an annual calculation

AFR = Accident Frequency Rate This is the calculation preferred by some parts of industry as it avoids distortions due to overtime etc. Can be calculated for any time period. (Sometimes calculated per 1,000,000 hours)